February 2014

OK, so it’s now the beginning of 2014, and after a packed ’13 full of gigs, supermarket openings, and personal appearances at fetes and stuff, we’d now like to unveil THE BIG PLAN.

Your three unlikely heroes are currently recording the FIRST in a series of THREE EPs! Entitled “Twang (??)”, it features our notorious trilogy of SURF INSTRUMENTALS. It also features an arrangement of a tune written by BEETHOVEN that nobody but us can play – it’s that complicated. (you must now say “ooooh!” like you’re a thrilled audience on an LWT quiz show circa 1986)

“Twang” was recorded over a weekend in January, in a factory in Somerset. The recordings were all done in a true DIY spirit, which is why they will have a certain charm. Orchestration and mixing were done subsequently.  “Twang” is scheduled for release in March 2014.

Further accompanying EPs (entitled “Boom” and “Bang”) will be recorded and released throughout the year.

A tour is being discussed.

Mr Horse now has a wife (Mrs Horse). Any suggestion that domestic bliss may have mellowed him can be easily dispelled because he pushed an old man off his mobility scooter the other day (in fairness, the old man was trying to steal Mr Horse’s mobility scooter at the time…)


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