MR HORSE (full name: Mr Emmanuel Stalin Auchtermuchty Steven Horse, BA (hons) ) is the mascot, and now manager of MUSTARD ALLEGRO. Summoned into this world through a haunted painting, Mr Horse has successfully eliminated all opposition to his dominance. Not unlike Iron Maiden’s celebrated Eddie, he makes a spectacular appearance at the end of every MUSTARD ALLEGRO show. Unlike Iron Maiden’s celebrated Eddie, Mr Horse is not a 12-foot tall robot who fires lasers around the stage (although Mr Horse does hit Mike’s cymbal with Maz’s help).

Similar to all great rock n’ roll enforcer/managers (Peter Grant, Colonel Parker, Don Arden, Keith Harris of Keith Harris & Orville fame), Mr Horse has great affection for his charges. He also rules with an iron hoof, and disciplines your favourite three hairy bad boys of instrumental surf-nonsense regularly.

Despite being a stuffed horse’s head on a broomstick, he is not to be underestimated, and must be treated with respect at all times.

Unless, of course, you like waking up with no balls.



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