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Good Bands

Glitzy BagHags

One of Bristol finest bands. This gypsy klezmer infulenced act perform tunes celebrating their love of David Hasselhoff, riding on the megabus with a giant hippopotamus and cautionary tales of dogs trapped in cars which need the toilet. Get a copy a their brilliant album Grater Hits if you can.

Mireille Mathlener

Her live performances offer a highwire act between breezy modern Americana and dark melodic alternative country-rock.

The Model Folk

Their sound is an eclectic cocktail of influences that could loosely fit in the folk canon. Live shows are full of self-deprecating humour, romance, pathos, audience engagement and interaction; this creates an intimacy which feels more akin to a family get together than a gig.

The Forgetting Curve

When he is not playing his drumset for Mustard Allegro, our drummer can be found Twanging his guitar and shouting at people in a manner he calls very cathartic with this power rock trio.

Narco Lounge Combo

“Bristol’s most handsome band, Narco Lounge Combo construct a Lynchian soundscape of noirish jazz, uneasy listening and space-age exotica. Brushed drums, tremolo guitars and voodoo marimbas create spiked cocktails in a nightclub where it is forever after hours”.

Dukes of Mumbai

Instrumental four-piece playing loud ’60s surf-related/TV & film theme tune based stuff (although the actual list is a lot more eclectic than this sounds). They’re back! After more then a decade of self-imposed exile, the Dukes of Mumbai are back together once more in the UK, but now with a new line-up! You can expect the same mix of high energy 60’s surf pop instrumentals, classically influenced by the likes of Dick Dale and Link Wray, with a few surprise nuggets thrown in from further afield. This time around the band have a harder edge to their sound.

The Relay Rips

The Relay Rips perform Upbeat hyperactive & horn powered, new wave, country-soul and rock’n’roll. Their music references 50’s & 60s rock n roll, rhythm & blues, country, soul, Indie rock, punk/new wave, folk rock and various cinematic film scores.


One of those amazing bands who were masters of their instruments and creativity who we were lucky enough to share a stage with during our first year of playing, check out Safetyword if you like your music totally bonkers incredibly creative and melodic.

An Axe

“An Axe are a roaring, surf-spattered, noir-shadowed three-piece. A loud, dark take on 1950s pop, jagged post-punk, Nick Cave melodrama Roy Orbison croon.”

Fire Island Pines

“Luxuriantly sophisticated maxi-pop from Wadebridge, Cornwall.”

Men Diamler

“Tears away at your singer/songwriter preconceptions, replacing them with black humour and visceral gore.”

The Edsel Furys

“Garage fuzz, Vintage, wrong and highly addictive.”

The Rumble Os

The Rumble-O’s are a Bristol based instrumental surf band, bringing a fresh take on the inspirational guitar and organ driven party music of the late fifties and early sixties. Blending the futuristic sounds of British pioneer Joe Meek with the emotive twang of Hank Marvin, the Rumble-O’s put a decidedly British spin on this quintessential American music form.

Bravo Brave Bats

When You & The Atom Bomb called it a day the drummer put this brilliant three piece band together and named it Bravo Brave Bats.


The most enjoyable energetic and endearing two piece band i have ever seen. They sing about dogs a lot, librarys, swimming pools and the dewy decimal system.

The Sky Is Blue

The Sky Is Blue make Songs of transience, empty cities and broken circuits featuring eerie melodies blended into a mesh of elegiac chord sequences, unpredictable riffs and ominous bass.

Erotic Secrets of Pompeii

Apocalyptic lounge act from Bristol, playing transgressive art rock while redefining the lines between music, self-exorcism, and surrealist architecture. Winding post-punk and experimental rock together like two ends of a fraying rope, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii’s songs ring with disparate elements – from industrial to world music. The vocals descend from baritone drawl to manic yelp as quickly as the music pivots from catchy groove-based euphony to discord and angulation.

The Sinictones

The SinicTones are a Bristol-based 3 piece band with fuzz-riffed guitars, driving ear-candy bass lines, catchy choruses and an authentic 60′ s garage sound. The SinicTones are the originators of Psycho Surf Noir, combining frantic surf drums with classic spy beat guitar riffs and dark menacing surf tones for the upside-down, misfit jiver.

Head Noise

Born from a love of Junk Culture and Modern Art, Head Noise put on a FUN live performance jam-packed with surreal nuances and very catchy Oddball Electropop tunes. With a collection of song subjects about inanimate objects and experiences living within our unusual contemporary existence, Head Noise are here to disorient and captivate, one gig at a time.


Mooz were an experimental Bristol band which existed between 1997 and 2004 made up of Drums, Bass, Cello, Guitar and 4 part vocal harmonies.  Mooz don’t shout loud at all. They win you round with subtlety, preferring to weave a spell rather than bludgeoning you into submission.

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