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A Mustard Allegro is a pretty remarkable three-piece band, playing a veritable gumbo of surf-guitar instrumental, shouting, and psychedelia. It’s sort of like a dizzying mixture of The Shadows and The Ventures in a laboratory accident with Frank Zappa and Cardiacs.

Formed by drummer Mike (against his better judgement) in 2006, they quickly gained a reputation for writing surreal and very short songs of about 30 seconds each. Maz was forced into playing bass at gunpoint in 2008, and Dan joined by mistake to play guitar in 2011. And controlling them all for a generous commission is the band’s manager, the shadowy Mr Horse…

Their bizarre and thrilling live shows, coupled with their infectious blasts of melody and noise have made them one of the most distinctive bands working the “scene” today, and their unique releases are set to continue with their most ambitious and audacious plan yet: To release three EPs and a compiled album from March 2014 onwards.

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