Finally, after ten years playing the sleaziest bars in Las Vegas, New York and Intercourse (no really, look it up) Bristol’s 11th best surf band are back in the dis-United Kingdom. With fond memories of cockroach infested motels and the Amish surf scene they have discarded their pants and proudly donned their trousers in order to chase the dream of becoming Bristol’s 10th best surf band.

Formed in January 2006 after Mark E Smith from the Fall failed to arrive at a gig and an impromptu surf set prevented a violent riot from destroying Slough despite the best efforts of ringleader John Betjeman. This triumph promised glory for the future and Mustard Allegro stepped boldly into the blinding light of progress.

Inspired by a whole host of musicians that you’ve never heard of and with an injection of Afro-beat that has outraged UKIP, the band are delighted to be back in the UK after their release from Guantanamo Bay.

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